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Spiritual Biography


The Seed of Faith

by Khenpo Tamdin Gyalpo
Translated by Gyurme Dorje

rgyal ba kun gyi gsung rdo rje’i rang gzugs padma ka ra’i rgyal tshab skyabs rje bdud ‘joms yang srid rin po che sangs rgyas padma bzhad pa ‘gro ‘dul rig ‘dzin phrin las grub pa’i sde dpal bzang po

Herein is contained The Seed of Faith: A Brief Biography of the lord of refuges Dudjom Yangsi Rinpoche, Sangye Pema Zhepa Drodul Rigdzin Trinle Drupeide Pelzangpo, who is the buddha-speech of all the conquerors, the natural form of indestructible reality, and regent of Padmakara.

1: Background & Birth

2: Early Signs

3: Recognition (Tibet)

4: Recognition (India & Nepal)

5: Studies, Meditations & Pilgrimages

6: Teaching Activities

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